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Public Translations

Certificates, apostilles, personal documents, transcripts, powers of attorney, deeds, minutes, legal files, summons, contracts, legal requests, agreements, financial statements, bylaws, trademark applications, patents and other documents requiring legalization by the Sworn Translators Association of the city of Buenos Aires.

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Simple Translations

Technical, scientific and literary documents, catalogues, web sites, publications, CVs, reports, emails, manuals and other documents that do not require legalization by the Sworn Translators Association of the city of Buenos Aires.

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Revision of Texts

Revision and correction of all types of translations and literary, scientific, technical, commercial and legal texts, written in English or Spanish

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Reliability, punctuality, discretion and professionalism.
More than 20 years creating reliable relations

Based on our experience in simple and public translations, for legal, corporate, technical and commercial areas, among others, we work with excellence, punctuality, reliability and discretion. Our commitment to quality and professionalism is the reason why our clients have chosen us throughout these years.


We are a professional team with experience and passion for our work.

Valeria Marcó del Pont

Team Leader
Literary, Technical and Scientifc translator graduated from Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas and Public Translator, graduated from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino. More than 20 years of experience in translation.